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one to one

one to one sessions

All seeking leads back to self.   I partner with you to connect you to the core of your own wisdom. 

I offer coaching and one to one breathwork sessions.

In coaching and breathwork sessions we look at what is wanting to be transformed, evolved, changed in your life.  Then look at the inner and outer changes that are needed to achieve it.

Finding the root cause and working together to integrate and transform it, using simple but powerful practices. 



I offer one to one coaching for women, men and couples. 


My sessions blend together my background in embodiment practices, energetic body work, breathwork and somatic informed coaching to help you reach freedom of expression in your own authentic way.


You will leave each session with personalized practices to use in between sessions, so the work can be deeply integrated into your life.


I'm committed to guiding my clients towards real change in a way that suits your unique resonance.

Sessions are 60 mins

I offer free introductory calls, please email with any enquires.



Laura came to me by chance and serendipity. At a time when I was desperate to find a way to change some deep rooted patterns I was experiencing in regards to love and the type of partners I was seeking out. Working with Laura has literally 360’d my love life within a few months. Laura has taught me to connect deep within myself using full body presence to master my feelings and emotions in regards to my most intimate relationships. Through the work that Laura provides there seems to be a boundless wealth of knowledge and healing that she extends in her sessions.I never feel judged or shamed for any of the most intimate things that I have shared with her .. She has helped me deepen my own self awareness in regards to my sexuality and has taught me how to initiate what it is that I want and truly desire from myself and my partner. Laura holds a very soft and quiet safe space that not many can. I cannot wait to keep learning form her and I’m excited for our future sessions ALWAYS!!!  

Felicia Kozak, London

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