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I started her resonance as a platform for conversation around sex and intimacy, to share information, events and offer coaching to help us all celebrate our own sexual resonance.

We all have our own unique sexual identity that has evolved through a very complex and influenced environment that leaves us often feeling like 'what is really me and what is my conditioning'.  What is underneath all the judgements that prevent us from connecting as fully as we would like to with our own bodies and others. 

I want to go back to base, to the core essence of who we are.  And then restore the groundwork of our sexual foundation so we emerge feeling more whole with more capacity for joy. There needs to be an unearthing of what is deep down before we can start planting seeds so we are starting in clean, fertile ground. 


Planting new seeds allows us to evolve our sexuality how we want it to be now, rather than it being dictated by our history.

I believe transformation comes through a gradual re-patterning of the brain and that comes from practices and practice. The practices I use are largely from (neo)Tantra and Taoist systems working with the energy body and are done as individual practices unless working with couples specifically.


I was fortunate to start my studies in this field with a true master, the late Gina Ogden who’s kind and compassionate teaching of her 4-D wheel of sexual experience laid a solid foundation for me. I gained my coaching certification at the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality under the teaching of Layla Martin. I am grateful to have also learnt from the following incredible teachers on Sexuality and (neo)Tantra; Margot Anand, Dawn Cartwright, Lorin Roache, Mike and Louise Lousada and Charu Morgan. And classical Tantra from the inspired Christopher Wallis.  

Complimenting my work in holistic sexuality are my long standing practice of meditation and Kadampa Buddhism, Relational Body Image and the significant work around the Psychology of Eating.  All of which have played a huge part in shaping me. I am a breathwork facilitator certified by The Breath Center. I believe breathwork is one of our greatest allies to heal, allowing us to bypass our thinking brain so we sit deeper in the body and subconscious bringing awareness and healing that is not easily accessed by traditional therapy.

My understanding of the wisdom in the body happened during my first experiences of meditation. I found my body moving unconsciously and had no experience or understanding why. My body's intelligence was naturally releasing and moving energy, working on an unconscious level to heal.  Since this early awareness of energy flow, I have had resounding faith in the knowledge of the body.  


Laura Jones

Certified S.L.R.C. Coach

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