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By coming into the body and out of the mind we give ourselves the opportunity to truly let go.

What is it?

There are many different modalities of breathwork but essentially they all variations of the same idea, by consciously changing the breath we can induce a change in state. 


My method is informed by somatic experiencing so focuses on staying in the sensations of the body, the ‘felt sense’, throughout in order to release stuck emotions, energies and past experiences that have been stored in our bodies.  There is a lot of research around how our body stores stressful experiences, if you want to look deeper into how this happens the work of Bessel van der Kolk in his book 'The Body keeps the Score' is pretty profound.

The structure I developed for breathwork doesn’t go straight into the ‘breathing’ which in turn offers the possibility to drop deeper thus releasing on a deeper level.  The key is embodiment.



In one to one's first we talk through your intention for the session.  That will guide how I take you through the breath.


Sound and movement are key aspects to deep release. So I will encourage both during sessions and be there to guide you as that is where things really can shift from the body.   

I often use gentle breathwork in coaching sessions as it's so helpful as a way to bypass the thinking mind, sinking deeper into the body's sensations so we can release fear, stress, anxieties through the breath and the body as well as arising with more clarity. 



The most important aspect in breathwork is release, from the small events that happen in our life that create stress to the bigger traumas how often do we give ourselves the chance to release those from the body.  Verbal processing can only go so far when we are trying to integrate experiences that are maybe not even in our cognitive awareness.  This is why breathwork is such an incredible tool as it goes to a deeper level to release experiences which we can't 'think' or 'talk' our way through.

The process allows us to work with the intelligence of the body, bringing awareness and insights that are hard to access solely with our thinking mind.  And is so helpful with unraveling relationship/intimacy concerns


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