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LIBERATE SEXUAL SELF: enhancing creativity and confidence in all areas of life

Liberating the potential of our sexual nature allows us to experience more of our self.  Living our full expression creates freedom and ease in all areas of our life.  Many of us look at our sexuality though our conditioned lens, so believe that there is a way our sexuality should look and sound but as we accept we all have our own unique tone of voice, we all have our own unique sexual nature and resonance.


Your sexual evolution can not just open up your experience of sex but also the opportunity for soulful liberation.

EMBODY YOUR INHERENT POWER  :  reach your highest expression.

Connection to our feminine/masculine sense, whatever form that takes, is connection to our core.  A potent sense of self, that allows us to feel centered and clear. It allows us to connect to our essential self where we can listen to our own innate wisdom and knowing.  Which is always where the answer lies.


Spending time to connect to this essence nature is vital if we are to trust our own wisdom and intuition to make decisions that are from peace not fear.

We can become disconnected from this inherent self due to our upbringing or environment.  It's often hard to identify this disunion but we know 'something doesn’t feel right'.  A subtle dulling of our authentic expression due to work, family responsibilities, relationships or stressful events can lead us to separate from our powerful feminine/masculine sense, our bodies and our sensation.


With this connection we have the opportunity for sincere self love, harmony, balance and wholeness.  

HEAL THE BODY: Release and integrate at the deepest layer of yourself.

Identifying and integrating blockages in the body in the form of stress, anxieties, fears allow us to return to a more peaceful state. 


Opening up parts of the body and soul that have been shut down, disconnected, cut off to feel fully alive.  Life events both emotional and physical can be stored in our nervous system creating energetic blocks that can stop us from moving towards what we really desire, even though intellectually we feel ready for them.

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