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breathwork embodiment workshop

By coming into the body and out of the mind we give ourselves the opportunity to truly let go.

Breathwork is just a way to describe a method to work with the breath. 


There are different modalities but essentially they all use a breathing method to reach a state by which we can release stored cellular memories from our nervous system. Releasing emotions and energy that sometimes we cannot cognitively move past as they aren't stuck in the mind but in the body.

Verbal processing can only go so far when we are trying to integrate experiences that are maybe not even in our cerebral awareness.  This is why breathwork is such incredible tool as it goes to a deeper level to release experiences which we can't 'think' or 'talk' our way through. 

The process allows us to work with the intelligence of the body, bringing awareness and insights that are hard to access solely with our thinking mind.  And is so helpful with unraveling relationship/intimacy concerns. 

Next class TBD

The workshop does not involve onscreen participation.


All you need is a space where you can lie down in a safe and private space and ideally have headphones to listen to the music.

Online workshop
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Admission fee for this workshop is free

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