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couples polarity workshop

Intimacy is such a key aspect of well being.  

We are in a time like no other.  Sex and intimacy is understandably taking a back seat in many relationships.  We're either spending 24/7 together rarely leaving our partners side or are physically distant.

In this workshop we're looking specifically at couples together and sexual polarity, as this feeling of separateness between us in partnership is what causes our attraction to each other. 

This idea of “separate poles” (positive/negative) is the driving force to come together. 


We invite you in this workshop to return to desire as a way of moving through this time.  And turning to each other and sexual intimacy rather than away.  

In this experiential workshop you will learn and practice tools and techniques that will help to bring polarity back into your relationship. 


What we cover: 


  • Individual guided meditation to amplify your own sexual energy

  • Understand what sexual polarity is and how to create it in relationships


  • Communication exercise to invite intensity back into the relationship


  • Intimacy activating guided breath-work - build energy and increase desire with your partner


  • Q&A with Laura and Kristin 


Please note that attendance is anonymous unless you choose to ask questions with live video.


Also if your partner can not join, please feel free to still attend. You will learn easily accessible tools to bring back into your relationship. 

April 9th 6.00pm - 7.15pm PST via zoom

If you're interested please register below.


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Admission fee for this workshop is free

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