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A five-week in-depth course to discover & embody your authentic sexual self.


About the Course


This course was created from a place of necessity. 

So many women say to me: I want to change my sexual experience but I don’t know where to start. I want to change my sexual relationship with my partner but don’t know how to. I want to feel confident about myself sexually but something stops me that I can’t move past. This course is for those of you who are wanting these same things.


It's for those of you wanting to feel liberated, free to be confident and comfortable in your sexual self.


Resonance is a different kind of sex education, I don't paint any pictures of what sexual liberation looks like, as that only adds to false ideas we feel we have to live up to.  But instead will guide you to come into your own unique sexual resonance.


Using modern understanding of the body / brain connection and ancient practices, Resonance, brings you to a true understanding of what it means to be a sexually thriving individual.



The methods and practices in this course have come from the best teachers in the field of sexuality, tantric sex, taoist sexual practices and meditation, years of teachings refined into one effective course.

Resonance is a beginners course but my intention for the five weeks that you finish with a better understanding of yourself, your sexuality, feel more connected to your body, to your pleasure and more sexually alive.

You will discover your resonance.

Hi, I'm Laura


I am a Holistic Sexuality Coach based in Los Angeles, California.

I started my studies with the late Gina Ogden who’s teaching set the groundwork for my journey into sacred sexuality studies. I gained my coaching certification at the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality under the teaching of Layla Martin.

I am grateful to have also learnt from the following incredible teachers on Sexuality and (neo)Tantra: Margot Anand, Dawn Cartwright, Lorin Roache, Mike and Louise Lousada and Charu Morgan. And classical Tantra from the inspired Christopher Wallis. 


I am also a certified breathwork instructor by the Breath Center, which plays a pivotal part in all of the modalities and practices I teach.


Why I Created This Course


I have been studying Sexuality, Taoism, Tantra, Breathwork and many other modalities for many years, and every day I am blown away by their life-changing power. Being able to actually feel the sensations of sexual energy and connecting to my body in such a deep way has changed my entire relationship to myself, my body, and how I see the world. 


I wanted to make it easier to access practices and modalities that I searched very long and hard to find as they ultimately changed my life. Particularly, I wanted to present them in a grounded and accessible way as so often I found the problem was even finding ways to work on your sexual self and then when you did it it being communicated in a relatable way.


I wanted to make a course that wherever you are in your life in terms of relationships, your sexual evolution, your spiritual practice (if you even have one) then you could still benefit from the power of finding your authentic sexuality.


So I have distilled the most effective practices and meditations I have learned into:

A digestible, accessible education that any woman can use to feel the amazing benefits of sacred sexuality. 





"Thank you so so much Laura for this incredibly nourishing offering. 💕

I’m so grateful to you for teaching and giving something so authentic and, honestly, life altering.

This course has helped me realize just how energetically stuck in my head I have been over the past few years, and my eyes have been opened (and my energy channels!), to this invaluable practice that I’ll be definitely carrying on with.

Even though I’ve been meditating and trying to move energy in a more regular chakric way for a long time now, connecting specifically everyday to my Yoni, womb space and sexual energy has really helped me find a shift.

So much love for you, and again, deep deep gratitude xxxxx"

A.R. London

The course

My commitment to you is after these 5 weeks together you will walk away with 

  • A deeper sense of knowing your sexual self

  • A deeper connection to your body and to your pleasure

  • Understand and feel how to work with and expand your sexual energy through your body

  • Find more confidence and self worth in your sexuality and yourself as a whole

  • An honor and love for your body in a new way

  • An empowered sexuality


This course guides you to your own individual sexual freedom in whatever form that takes for you. It doesn't pressure you to be anything that you’re not but encourages you to feel deeper into and uncover what is already there.



"This course will change your life. The practices have helped me feel a sense of safety and love in my body that I never knew was possible. I feel so connected to who I am spiritually, physically and sensually. Laura is an incredible expert and guide and is able to teach in a way that is relatable and loving which I find SO important when doing deep work like this. I would recommend this course to every woman!"

B.M. California

Module 1


This week you will looking at where you now, what unhelpful views do you hold about your sexual self that hold you back from how you want to live and how can you can reframe and move past those ideas that feel stuck

Module 2


This week focuses on connecting to the feeling in your body, body acceptance and body self love.  As well as learning to feel safe in the body in order to full surrender.

Module 3


This module we focus on connecting to your feminine sexual energy, focusing on our female sexual centers which is so key to embodying our sexuality.

Module 4


This week you will learn to work with your sexual energy, how to awaken it and then move it around your body, learning how to expand and move your sexual pleasure.

Module 5


The final week you will feel into your true alive sexual resonance that is unique and personal to you and make sure you move with confidence into this new way of being in your life, in relationships and in your sexual self




Enrollment for Resonance is open now and the course begins on August 17th 2020.  

As a bonus for participants that start at the beginning of the course on August 17th there will be a live weekly call with me to talk through the teachings and answer any questions.

It's up to you if you want to do this as part of a community calls or do the course at your own pace.

Investment for the course is US$290 / UK£220

Anyone wanting to do the course but struggling financially please reach out to me at

To enroll and join me on this life-changing course please do so below.

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