All seeking leads back to self.   I partner with you to connect you to the core of your own wisdom. 

In sessions we look at what is wanting to be transformed, evolved, changed in your life.  Then look at the inner and outer changes that are needed to achieve it.

Finding the root cause and working together to integrate and transform it, using simple but powerful practices.


I work with the following healing processes:

Body re-sensitization techniques

Taoist energy practices to build and expand energy body

Sacred sex and neoTantra Practices for singles and couples

Emotional liberation techniques to free yourself from fear, guilt, shame

Tantric meditation and visualization

Feminine / Masculine embodiment practices to build confidence and connection


Restoration of sexual foundation

Conscious relationship practices to resolve patterns in partnership

Felt sense meditation to move beyond the mind and drop deeper into the body

Catharitic sound and movement expression

Gentle trauma release practices

Sessions are 1hour and during that time we work with practices that you can use to really create the change you're looking for. 


After each session I create personalized meditations for you to use in between sessions, so the work can be deeply integrated into your system.


I'm committed to guiding my clients towards real change in a way that suits your unique resonance.

I offer complimentary first sessions so we can sense if its a good fit for you.   


Please visit the contact page to book a free introductory session.



Laura came to me by chance and serendipity. At a time when I was desperate to find a way to change some deep rooted patterns I was experiencing in regards to love and the type of partners I was seeking out. Working with Laura has literally 360’d my love life within a few months. Laura has taught me to connect deep within myself using full body presence to master my feelings and emotions in regards to my most intimate relationships. Through the work that Laura provides there seems to be a boundless wealth of knowledge and healing that she extends in her sessions.I never feel judged or shamed for any of the most intimate things that I have shared with her .. She has helped me deepen my own self awareness in regards to my sexuality and has taught me how to initiate what it is that I want and truly desire from myself and my partner. Laura holds a very soft and quiet safe space that not many can. I cannot wait to keep learning form her and I’m excited for our future sessions ALWAYS!!!  

Felicia Kozak, London